We provide our TPA partners

Stop – loss programs specifically designed for small group Level – Funding success

A strategic approach to managing the impact of employer refunds on plan competitiveness

Actuarial development of plans and rates factoring in the unique attributes of our TPA partners including: geographic footprint, plan designs, networks, reference based pricing and other proprietary cost containment programs

Underwriting expertise for this highly specialize segment of self – insurance

Ongoing actuarial monitoring of TPA partner’s block of business for accurate price and renewal rate management

An efficient accounting and funding process necessary for the high frequency of stop – loss claims associated with Level – Funding

Guidance and training on all aspects of the Level – Funding administration and stop – loss

Whether you are exploring Level – Funding for the first time, or are actively in the market and want your own proprietary program, please contact us to learn more about a partnership with AST Risk ™